Francis and Little Colonel. (Temporarily unavailable)

Francis, was a new offering in 2012 and has come to being, as a result of a joint venture between James McCall and Lyburn cheese, when Paul Thomas was with us. Based on Stoney Cross, this is a washed rind cheese. The characteristics of Stoney Cross are retained, with the eyes, the silky smooth and buttery paste, and now with a very pink and sticky rind. They can either come as a 1kg, the normal size, or on request a 3kg wheel like Stoney Cross. Little Colonel being much smaller at 200gms.

This cheese achieved a Silver at the World Cheese Awards in 2011 and now has a Gold at the 2012 British Cheese Awards, and then went on to take Best New Cheese. For 2013, Francis has consolidated its position in the Washed rind market with a Gold, and then Best Semi Soft, at the British Cheese Awards 2013.

Speak with us for local distribution and James Cheese for further afield.


2015,Best New Cheese 2102, Best Semi Soft 2013.

2 Star Gold 2013