Ann-Marie Siddall

 Lovely but very sad day, was the 28th. September, we needed to be at the church for 11.30. As we travelled south of the stones of Stonehenge, for a change the traffic was light, and had time to to look at their magnificence, the sunlight bouncing off the face of the stones. Farming has changed so much in fifty years, where once there were fields of sheep, there are now fields of outdoor pigs, rooting around for things that pigs like. Going north we travel through Bromham, south of Devizes, in years past its fields would have been full of cabbages, leeks and sprouts, but all largely gone. Now its all pumpkin, and crops of maize. As we travel west to the little village of West Littleton, having left Chippenham, we have moved out of the Wiltshire countryside into Cotswold country , with open field and an open landscape, and those lovely stone walls that are so expensive to repair and maintain. The village church was a delight in the sun, and the cheesemakers of England, and even further afield, gathered to pay their final respects to Ann-Marie Siddall.

Her passing was a great shock to us all. In our early days as Cheesemakers, Ann-Marie was one of the first to give us encouragement, support, and her warmth and personality will never be forgotten.
A lovely but, very sad day.