April 2012


Good news and bad news, it has now rained and the grass is growing, if but slowly, bad news, it is now so wet we have had to bring the cows back in on winter rations as the ground is too wet, and far too wet to sow the maize seed, or anything else for that matter, so we are now going to get into a desperate muddle with veg planting.

Old Winchester is looking good, some lovely cheese now coming through, have now just about managed to recover our age profile back to 16 months, with reasonable stocks ahead of ourselves.

525 Dairy farmers about to have their milk stolen by a company that call themselves Dairy Crest, the clowns that make Country Life butter. Due to their own incompetence, the shear brut power of the big supermarkets and world prices, in that order they have just dropped the price of milk to a large chunk of their suppliers, by 2 pence. The consumer needs to realise that is costs roughly 30 pence to produce a litre of milk, and Dairy Crest are going to be paying a bit over 26 pence, complete insanity.