April 2018

Where are we all heading?  I have refrained from getting too involved in Brexit up to now, but with only 12 months to go we need to pay more attention to what is going on. Sadly I have no confidence in the politicians getting this right. Mrs May has just done a tour of Britain, in one day and visited all four countries, and made the very bold statement that it was going to be a great success for every one and we are all going to be winners. It is stupid statements like this that leave politicians with very little credibility. When it comes to politicians the Tories are hopelessly divided, the Labour party is a shambles, the Liberals are no more, UKIP who precipitated this vote, don’t even have a single MP. There are 11 UDP Irish politicians, who hold the balance of power now in the UK, and are party to a situation in Northern Ireland where there is in fact no government and an argument over the Irish language. The final critical decision will be ‘What do we do about the Irish border?’ The Brexit vote may have been the democratic will of the people, but i am sure the democratic people wont want to go back to the bad old days , pre the Good Friday Agreement. This issue is being swept under the carpet at the moment, but before we are finished it is going to jump out and bite someone. Huge amounts of milk are produced North of the border, shipped South and processed, then shipped back again, it all works, every one is happy, then along come the politicians.
Mrs May, there are going to be winners and some big losers, and you have no idea at the moment how this is going to play out.