August 2007


There is no end to the grief at the moment, Foot and Mouth is back. News that the bug may have escaped from Pirbright is mind numbing. We have missed Petersfield and Basingstoke farmers markets this Sunday and we are not going to open the shop this week, August 6th until August 12th, this may seem like overkill but sooner be safe than sorry. Try visiting the Royal Oak at Fritham instead, where you get great beer and a great lunch. The shop will be open again from 14th August unless there are any setbacks.

Light at the end of the tunnel for milk prices, as Britain runs out of milk. The big 4 supermarkets, have now put so many dairy farmers out of business, that the milk has run out, helped by the weather and some very strong world markets and of course the WI. Prices are going to rise very sharply in the next few months.