August 2009


Food Standards Agency carping on about Organic food, not what it is cracked up to be, we then have the environment agency just about to plunge us into a NVZ (Nitrate Vulnerable Zone), and screamed blue murder that we need to use less chemical and fertilizer, on non organic land. Both of them Government Quangos, both heading in different directions, no joined up thinking, nothing changes, could write a book on this one, but dont have the time.

SORRY, just been told I missed the point, they are, both working together, they are both trying to put British Farming out of business, silly me. There is absolutely no justification for us to be put in a NVZ, I have appealed, and another day of my life goes up in bureaucratic smoke.

Great crop of Runners to the right, no chemicals, no fertilizer, no blackfly, but if you work for the Food Standards Agency,

‘You Knock it’.