British Cheese Awards 2007


Another good solid result at the British Cheese Awards, a Bronze for Winchester, and a Bronze for Old Winchester in the home market and Gold for the Export class. Lots of interesting news in the pipeline. Lyburn share space with Two Hoots and their Barkham Blue, and Hampshire Cheeses and their Tunworth.

Judy does the BBC 1o’clock news and NEWS 24 and tells the world about Regional Cheeses.

A visit from the EC2B, students of Eastleigh college to lean a bit more about pumpkin and cheese.


Reasonable quantities of pumpkin available, the lager ones are fully orange, the medium and orange but the smaller ones are still 50% green. They will come right with a bit more sun. No wasting expensive power and light on this farm to change the colour, if you dont like the colour, ‘tough’.