December 2010


And so quickly another year draws to a close, no sooner did it start , and here we are at the end of 2010. Another fantastic year for Lyburn Cheese, not to mention the Organic vegetable department. Cheese sales have grown, yet again, by some 22%, Old Winchester and Stoney Cross leading the way. The cheese plant is now running at full capacity and has done so for most of the year, so we need to move on, our cows produce some 1.2 million litres of milk a year. To this end, we consider the final phase of the cheese project that will give us the manufacturing capacity to process most of our milk. We apologise to those of you that have gone a bit short on Old Winchester, but there will be plenty in the pipeline. The new plant will give us the opportunity to ignore the outrageous behaviour of several large supermarkets intent on driving down the middle market milk price, flying in the face of market forces and costs of production. To the right, the Christmas Winchester Farmers Market continues to draw in visitors and customers from across the whole of Southern England, and has to be one of the most exiting days of the year, if not totaly exhausting.