December 2014


Another Christmas eve passes, the farm is all locked up for the evening, and the alarms all set, so its back home. All is quiet this end, the 40 Cattle next door, all Friesian bulling heifers and one Hereford bull, quietly munch their supper of grass silage and maize and no Lowing they make. There are a few Wise men driving up the A36 towards Salisbury, and they are using a Tom Tom and not following the Star. The Shepherds are all in the Royal Oak at Fritham, enjoying a pint and a local cheese sandwich. The Donkey got loose in the New Forest ages ago, we have not seen him again, and the children’s pony called Andy is in the Stable, so we could have a problem here!

Life is so complicated.

It used to be so simple.

Happy Christmas