December 2017

 St Peters Church, Bramshaw, is a lovely 12th Century Church, so full of character with little bits added over the years, quite unique. So it was the other night, when the local children of Nomansland, Landford, and Bramshaw arrived for the nativity. There is and old saying, ‘Never work with children and animals’, when it comes to theatre.

What a show, what a cast, lots of angels flitting around, three Wise Men, or was it six, who cares. There was a bunch of Shepherds, who were not entirely sure what they were doing or even where the sheep were, then Mary arrives on a donkey led by Joseph. It had to be a real donkey, being the New Forest, and he stole the whole show. Not just content with standing there, had to start eating the hay in the cradle, then inevitably lifted his tail and the rest is history. The angels looked the other way, the shepherds just said ‘We told you so’, and a Wise man was sent for the dustpan and brush and was heard muttering, ‘Wouldn’t have had this trouble with a camel’
Great production.
Happy Christmas to you all.