December 2020


Black Swan Oldstead

Nothing stays the same, everyone has had to change and adapt to suit the new circumstances that we are all faced with. Despite the announcement today that the vaccine has now been made available, this is going to take a lot of sorting out, and its going to take all of the summer and probably the autumn before we see any semblance of normality.
One person who has got to grips with this, is Tommy Banks, owner of the Black Swan, on the western edge of the North Yorks Moors. This, is a farming family that took the plunge and bought the local pub and turned it into a huge ‘farm to fork’ success, and a Michelin restaurant. As pubs and restaurants were ordered to close by the Government, back in the kitchen of the Black Swan there was some lateral thinking going on, ‘If the customers can’t come to us, we will send the food to the customers’, and Made in Oldstead was born.
Using a large percentage of their own home grown farm produce, other local produce to fill the gaps in their portfolio, and some extra artisanal produce from around the country to plug other gaps, Tommy has created a 3 course dinner for two in a box. This is not an everyday box, this is a treat box, for a special day, or even a monthly day.

We have had to change, and now have an on line offering, for those of you using this offering, please don’t leave it too late, we have plenty of cheese, but the ability of the couriers to deliver beyond Wiltshire and Hampshire is going to be tested to the limit.

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