February 2007


Not a very happy story, bird flu hits East Anglia. As we watch the story unfold, the overriding message, and this is not Bernard Mathews in particular, there is still a major issue regarding labelling. It is in my opinion quite outrageous that foreign raw materials, can be imported into this country, re-processed, and then, can be passed of as British.

This has to change. We want to know exactly where our food comes from. Those that are not prepared to tell us should be shamed into doing so. Are you listening supermarkets.

No problem with the label to the right.

World tour.

This is a picture of Geobear from Paradise Valley, near Phoenix in Arizona. Geobear is on a quick world tour and came to Winchester Farmers Market last Sunday, that is Winchester in the UK , not California!! Geobear who clearly is an expert in cheese, declared Lyburn Cheese to be the best in the market, and will be looking out for the cheese in the US when he gets home.