February 2014


Avon Causeway 7th February, looking more like the Norfolk Broads.The weather seems to throw new challenges at us every month. Customers ask how we are coping. We are fine, very wet feet, but fine, in fact the worst day was December 23rd, when we had nearly 3 inches of rain in one day. We should have drilled broad beans in January, no chance. Then we can always plant beans, on cold windy days of February, no chance. Next question is, ‘So do you think the weather is changing?’ Who knows, we always get odd weather years, I remember 1963, the extreme cold and and snow, 1975 and 1976, the heat and drought of the summer, and having to drive as far as Blackpool to buy hay for the cows, we had no food for them, nothing. The storm of 1987, the summer of 2012.
I can tell you, when the weather man says ‘Showers’, expect an inch of rain, the rain is almost tropical, and you get soaked. When he says ‘Gales’, the weatherman means, something close to a hurricane, that’s the difference in todays weather!!!