February 2021

Lyburn Lightly Oak Smoked

This is to bring you up to date with what is happening regarding cheese sales at Farmers Markets and a general up date. For the time being we have pulled out of the markets, but will be back in time. Although the markets have not been cancelled, I have taken the view it would be silly risk the issues of C19 at the moment. We cannot possibly risk bringing the bug back to the farm and the cheese plant, although this decision will not eliminate the risk, it will reduce it. In the event we brought the bug back to the farm, it is likely, given our size, it would shut the whole place down. We can’t risk this, as we need to continue to make cheese. We need to continue to cut, pack and deliver to our wholesale customers and keep the wheels rolling, otherwise we are going to get into a right muddle. We now have an online portal, as have lot of artisan cheesemakers, and you can by your cheese on line. We also have about 300 outlets around the country and you can find most of them here. We will be back at Farmers Markets, but not just for the time being.
On a more optimistic note, the new milking parlour is going well, we have reduced our cell counts and bactoscan, and producing more milk, and having looked at robots and chosen a new 20/20 herringbone, we have probably made the right decision.
For those of you who now buy on line you will find your cheese is being packed with sheep’s wool, in an effort to leave plastic to supermarkets, the company name is Woolcool Wool is one of nature’s most amazing ‘smart fibres’, with a complex structure and natural properties that cope with extremes of cold and heat. This high performance thermal insulated packaging is designed specifically for direct deliveries of chilled and frozen foods including meat boxes, fresh fish, seafood, and cheeses. In using Woolcool we are also supporting the British sheep industry, it is a bit more expensive but we hope you think it is worth the effort.