January 2008

Dawn and her cheese box!!

Here is a picture of Dawn Hacket, the champion of Farmhouse Cheesemakers. Dawn has now been selling Farmhouse Cheese, by mail order and form her old camper van in London for some time. But not one to let the grass grow under her feet she has now moved to Whitstable in Kent and now as you see, has a new van, well new to her, and sells her cheeses on pitches around Kent.


During the last six months Anna and I have been working up to SALSA accreditation. This is a junior BRC if you like, it has been accepted that full BRC is complete over kill for most small producers. This accreditation is still no pushover it has taken a huge amount of time and paper work and cost about £450 a year, but has already saved us filling in 2 substantial questionnaires.