January 2012


Sorry but have been away, and have got a bit behind, and away was New Zealand. It was 40 years ago I last hiked around NZ, it was the year Christchurch hosted the Commonwealth Games. Two of us hitchhiked around both the North and South Island, 71 lifts in total over a period of 4 weeks. This time needless to say it was a hire car, drove about 6000k, met so many fantastic people, their farms, their sheep, their cows, pumpkin, bulls, horses, Red deer crossed with Elk, their tractors old and new and of course their cheese. If we saw one cow we must have seen a million. To the right we have Albert Alferink, of Mercer Cheese, just south of Auckland. Everything you see is made by him, all fundamentally Gouda style cheese made in 10kg wheels, different ages from 3 months to 3 years. He sells all his cheese for this little shop on the side of the highway and has a constant stream of customers