January 2017

As the turmoil in Europe gathers pace, the biggest crisis to hit the EU for some time, deepens by the day. This is not going to be resolved over night, will it be two years or five years, the non existent  supplies of courgettes, peppers and aubergines from the Mediterranean countries such as Spain and Italy, brought on by unseasonal cold weather. Supermarkets are saying that they are working with their suppliers to maintain supplies. That is code for, the suppliers being leaned on very hard to use a magic wand and make courgette appear from nowhere.

The foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, was asked to intervene, and deal with the Spanish , but he was busy oiling the chain on his bike, so declined, and rumor has it that he was heard to say ‘Let them eat carrots or even swede’!

Who can disagree with that, do we really need courgette in January, it is a relatively bland, watery, insignificant vegetable that has no place on an English winter menu.  Well done Boris. You could use Crown Prince pumpkin, Jono with the last to be packed from last season.