January 2019

This little beauty of a Stoney Cross will be leaving on a cruise ship from Southampton roughly the first week of February. Destination, who knows.

We cant let January go by without making comment regarding Brexit. As we all struggle on with our business the politicians seem to be completely oblivious to the realities of life. We have no conclusion because the thing is unresolvable, it is a puzzle with out an answer. If we are not careful this country is going to do itself an enormous amount of harm, and no good is going to come of this. The original referendum was very divisive, in that no one had enough information to make an informed decision. There was no public discussion about Ireland, I can not possibly see how the UK can part company with Europe and there be no secure border. There was a lot of talk about immigration, but no one took the time to explain to the public that all the UK’s fruit and vegetables are harvested by those from Europe. Half the staff of our hospitals come from another country, not to mention the hotels and restaurants. If we don’t hear a intelligent explanation as to how we are going to be harvesting courgettes and runner beans, we won’t be growing them.

The Conservatives are completely split, dear old Jeremy Corbin, has forgotten we are all talking about Brexit, and just talks about an Election, the SNP are going to declare UDI, and have no intention of helping, the Northern Irish have no government and they will not even talk to one another, and Wales is going down the pan very quickly if they cant export their sheep to Europe. Is another referendum going to help? Probably not unless the result is very decisive, a marginal result will be a disaster.

I really don’t know what the answer is, but then nor does anyone else! I do believe all the politicians have let us down very badly, this is a mess and it will be the electorate that have to sweep up the pieces.
I have been asked by a number of people what our strategy is for dealing with this, other than having a very diversified customer base, we can do nothing but plough on and hope for the best, but that is not the way to run UK business.