January 2021



Lyburn Farm does Farmers Country Showdown

Going, going, gone! That’s a relief to see 2020 gone, with the chaos of Brexit and Covid all at the same time.
Its very difficult trying to plan for the ramifications of Brexit when making a perishable product, such as cheese. We are fortunate in having cheese that has a reasonable shelf life, but we are making this week for 18 months hence, and really have no idea where we are going to be then. I am just hoping the Brexiteers have got this right, time will tell.

Covid is not helping as you might expect, we sit here on New Years day with the prospect of Covid spiralling out of control. The politicians and scientists move the goal posts virtually every day, the press seeking to prise every ounce of controversy out of the scenario, and yet the whole issue is so serious. Then we have a small bunch of politicians shouting human rights, and there should be little or no ‘lock down’, with thousands of doctors and nurses putting their lives on the line in an effort to retain control and hospitals that are full, what are they thinking of?
All we can do is try and steer a middle course and hope for the best, virtually every week there is a big surprise around the corner. You could not possibly make this story up, we are all glad to see the back of 2020, but there is a fair chance we are going to be glad to see the back of 2021 as well!!

Returning to slighly kinder weather, and times, Lyburn Farm took part in Farmers Country Showdown, 2 days great filming back in August, just been broadcast on 19th January.

Thank you Sidney Street.
Happy New Year and roll on next summer, the summer will be better.