July 2019

Pumpkin at the end of June

Pumpkin at Bridge farm. They are magnificent this year, these were planted well on time and are organic. Because we are not able to use any chemical everything has to be tractor hoed. We use a front hoe on the front linkage of the tractor so we can see where we are going. On the first pass we go very gently so as not to swamp the plants with soil, then we hand hoe to catch the small weeds between the plants, then 10 days later pass through at a faster rate and as can be seen we ridge the soil around the plants to smother what is left. These plants had just had 2 inches of rain and have now completely covered the ground so there is no soil to be seen. I have never seen anything grow so fast, every, combination of sun and rain. This is the making of a very good crop.

Stolen two John Deere Gators, serial nos,   1M0865MFJKM020129 and 1M0865MFCKM020447 ring  07941536080