July 2021

Our surplus milk that we don’t use for cheese making going off for processing.


It’s a hot sunny day here on the farm, the date is 20th July and the cheese plant is now back to full production. We are harvesting broad beans, courgette, and next week runner beans. The rest of the gang are out on straw bale cart, about 600 round bales of winter barley straw to cart but won’t take too long with the kit we have nowadays.
In general, most of us older ones have all been vaccinated, and so are feeling reasonably safe despite the fact someone left the door open and let Delta in.
Hancock then finds himself packing his bags for an early summer holiday, and so up rides the new super hero Mr Javid. Inevitably he has all the answers, his master plan is to throw all the windows and doors open for the footballers and then does the same for the night clubs.
Having done that, once all the night clubbers have got covid, he is then vaccinate them! In the meantime, we are supposed to employ these people who will bring their germs to work and contaminate everyone else to a greater or lesser degree. This will then leave us with less staff, be it lorry drivers or pickers, and he expects business, having battled through the last 16 months to keep the wheels rolling. Thank you Mr.Javid.
Mr. Javid you are so far removed from reality, it is hard to believe, can you not see the red flashing lights? Can you not see the chaos you are causing?