June 2021


Lyburn cows with lots of grass on a gloomy day.


So its supper time, and I have just enjoyed a lovely ribeye steak, bit of at treat really for fathers day, bought down the road from one of the local farm shops, and given I know the farmer and the butcher I also know where the steak came from and the fact that it has travelled very few miles to reach my plate.

Then we have the lovely Liz Truss, who has been galloping all over the world signing up new trade deals with lovely countries like Australia. By all accounts she has done a deal with the Aussies to allow them to export thousands of tones of beef and lamb, not to mention sugar and dairy, to the UK, albeit we have not seen the small print as yet.
British farmers have been quick to point out that the dumping of thousands of tons of Antipodean meat makes little sense when it can all be grown and reared at home.
The response from Liz Truss is that only the best welfare friendly, non hormone beef will be allowed into the UK, to which I respond, just a few years ago supermarkets were passing off horse meat as beef, and I have absolutely no faith in the governments ability to tell a kangaroo from an Aberdeen Angus.The Australian Vice President has euphorically declared that this a is a huge win for the Australian farmers and I am sure he is right.

Then we can add to this that the good lady has told us that we need to get off our backsides and address the export market, particularly the Trans Pacific market with our quality beef. I know I am only a simple farmer, but is there not a good case for Australia to supply this market given it is on their doorstep. May be the beef is not good enough for this market and its got to go somewhere!

Presumably Boris has not told Liz about his vision for the UK and Net Zero, and the reduction in carbon. The two of them must get together for a cup of tea and talk this trough. Sadly, the politicians that are supposed to be giving us leadership, are all mad, completely mad, but then neither of them will be around in years to come to pick up the pieces.