June 2024


Foxgloves at Bridge Farm

Some good news for Stoney Cross, Reserve Champion at the Virtual Cheese Awards, adds to the prize tally for this year. We are now selling twice as many wheels as we were last year, so we must be doing something right.
As reported previously, sadly the Dorset Smokery, Hurn, has had to close, and we have had to seek a new smoker. As a result we have engaged the services of the Wiltshire Smokehouse, in north Wiltshire. This is a much longer journey for us to deliver and collect, which all adds to the cost, however we will see where this journey takes us.
The next issue I have is Vodaphone, or absence of Vodaphone!! We have used them for some time and initially the service was poor, however over a period of time the service improved. But in recent months the service level has collapsed particularly regarding the provision of internet. Yet again we find ourselves paying for something that we know is not going to work.
Finally, what a season for Foxgloves, they have given us a terrific display this summer, a number of them reaching a 7 feet in height. It may have been a miserable wet spring, but clearly good for Foxgloves