March 2013


As I recover form a night at the Wiltshire Life Awards in Malborugh, the rain is back with a vengeance, along with the hail and thunder, so an opportunity to get the News page up together. For us a very successful night, first in the Farm Diversification category competing against Raising the Baa & Boyton Farm Shop, where you can buy our cheese. Then second in the Independent Food/Drink category, against Marlborough Mushrooms and Walter Rose and Son who went on to win. Great night and a very diverse range of opportunies, from the young just starting out, to T H White who have been at it for 180 years, sorry boys wrong colour of tractor, it needs to be green. A night of local and tracability. Then ‘ping’, off goes the message alarm on my phone.
Martin Handley is, banging the war drums, and has thrown down the gauntlet to the supermarkets, commenting that;
”The large amount of cheese that is coming into  the UK currently being sold under supermarket own brand is not matching the standards required by British dairy farmers but yet is being used as a tool to drive down British milk prices.  This has to change and if retailers mean what they say, following the latest food scandal, they should address this with utmost urgency”.
Would appear that foreign cheese is being passed of as British, do those nice people from Tesco never learn.