March 2017

All of a sudden, we have all got bored of hearing about what Mr Trump has got to say. It was all a bit novel to start with, but the novelty wears off after a while. After the Copland by election we could talk about Mr Corben, but we wont, the novelty of that has already worn off. So as a vegetable farmer, along with all my other mates who are vegetable farmers, the hot news is 5 a day fruit and veg is not enough, it needs to be 10 a day can you believe it. Where did that come from? We are struggling to get Mr and Mrs Jones to eat 5 a day, and telling Mrs Jones to get out there and deliver 10 a day is pushing water uphill. Of course if you are a cow, or a herd of fallow deer eating our runner beans, 10 a day is not a problem, so we need a compromise here. Just keeping eating as much fruit and veg as you can, and a nice cauliflower cheese from Berry Hill and Lyburn, is a great compromise, now we are short on imported courgette and iceberg lettuce.