March 2018

Disappointing to hear that a large number of Supermarkets had run out of milk, for a number of days, during the cold and snowy weather.

Needless to say we need to tell you that this was not the cows fault, they will all have been milked by breakfast time and the milk will have been in the tank ready for collection. So what went wrong? The problem lies with the way the Supermarkets source their milk. 20-30 years ago there were hundreds of small dairies all over the country, in fact most towns had their own dairy and they sourced their milk locally and the milk only had to travel short distances to get to the dairy, so short that a lot of farmers could deliver their milk by tractor with snow on the ground. Having bottled the milk in a recyclable¬† glass bottle, and that another story that is emerging that we don’t have time for, the milk was delivered locally by a milk man and had very short distances to travel. Now, milk purchased by Supermarkets is dragged all over the country, covering thousands of miles, wasting huge quantities of fuel, and when the pressure is on and the snow lay on the ground the whole thing becomes a shambles and farmers are forced to throw their milk down the drain.
That Ladies and Gentlemen is progress!