March 2019

That’s a nice bit of grass, spring is here, is this the lull before the storm.


Some nice weather ahead, cows going out tomorrow, 26th March. Normally our limiting factor tends to be, that the ground is too wet, however everything is fertilised, harrowed and rolled and we are good to go. The grass is growing, its not often we are able to get the cows back out to grass in March, but we need to turn out, food is now very short and we needed an early spring.

Cheese sales continue to be strong, and having been asked a number of times if we are ready for Brexit, I am not sure what we are supposed to do, the grass will do what it normally does, and grow, subject to the weather of course. The cows will wake up every morning and give milk, 3000 litres of which will go to the cheese plant each morning and be made into cheese, some of which will be sold in two months time and a large amount will be Old Winchester that wont be sold for 18 months. This present situation is unbelievable, we are making product and just hoping that we don’t get cut to shreds by cheap imports. Anyone who thinks they can accurately estimate what they are going to be selling in eighteen months time, be it chicken, lamb or cheese is a better man than me. We are confident that we make an excellent product, and have a very diversified customer base, but once someone has made a decision, there are sectors that are going to get hurt through no fault of their own. One does wonder how we have got where we are, the dialog is so toxic, particularly from some Brexit MP’s who have warned that all hell will break loose if they don’t get what they want. In the meantime, the Police are not coping, nor are the Schools, not to mention the Hospitals have we really got our priority’s right?