March 2020

Young cheese in the drying room

So we are are all leaving Europe, and there are a number of small issues that need to be sorted out. In recent years British farming have made great strides towards producing more sustainable and traceable produce for our markets and consumers.
So it is with great concern there seems to be the prospect, that as a course of the new trade talks with the rest of the world there is likely to be discussion surrounding the import of food products that clearly do not meet the same standards and rules that British farmers are expected to abide by, and comply with. It is completely unbelievable that we should be even having to discuss the subject.
“It is absolutely crucial that the UK’s global tariff schedule supports a thriving British agriculture. It is vital the government sets our external tariffs at a level that prevents a flood of imports of food produced in ways that don’t meet the standards expected of our farmers and customers here in the UK.
“To do otherwise would contradict the government’s own stated commitment to our high animal welfare and environmental standards and would undermine British farmers. The UK’s trade and tariff policy needs to ensure the British public continues to have access to the safe, traceable and nutritious food. When I wrote this just over two weeks ago this was the main topic, however we are now the 18/3/20 and there is only one subject and it is Corona Virus, this is going to be a rough ride.