May 2007


Tuesday 29th. May, Bath and West Show week, yes and its raining surprise, surprise. Then even more surprises, Lyburn’s Old (Aged)Winchester is named Reserve Champion. This event is particularly challenging as it is in the heart of Cheddar country. Our agenda is not to challenge the Cheddar but to add another dimension to the market place. This is not everybody’s cheese, but for those that enjoy Old Winchester, it is clearly a star. We still need another year to knock the rough edges of this cheese and to build up commercial volumes. Thank you all, for your kind comments, more than anything else this is good news for our cows, who , without the cheese would be facing a very uncertain future.


We still have the Food Standards Agency prattling on about cheese being junk food, so it’s nice to hear Sir Alan Sugar come to the defence of the quality end of the cheese market and telling his apprentices to sell QUALITY. This program is the only TV we will make a point of watching each week, as there is always something to learn. This week we learnt not to cook your breakfast on an old baked bean can, and don’t try and sell crap to the French, because they still have their food culture. Selling just 15kg. of cheese is nothing like good enough. Sorry Paul, but you were fired, quite rightly for a number of failings.