May 2008


Having supplied Waitrose with Organic vegetables for the last 8 years, and Halloween pumpkin for much longer, it is, with great pleasure, we have been asked to supply Old Winchester to the deli counter. We will be stocked in a number of local stores and other stores in the South East. We spent a great day on Saturday (23rd), at the Spring Food Festival at Leckford, and met a number of old and new customers, I will post the list of stores as soon as I have it. The cheese is making its way into store during the next couple of weeks, so you may have to give it a few days.

So where does the Lady in Black fit in you might ask. Well she meets the lady in White, has the lady in Black met her match, does the Lady in White fall at the first fence, or could it be Hard Cheese. All will be revealed in the course of the next few months, watch this space, I will put it on the front page in time.

On a much more serious topic it is now mid May and have just vaccinated the cows with Blue Tongue vaccine, they will need another dose in 3 weeks time. This disease has the ability to cause chaos. Unlike Foot and Mouth and TB where the government been so sloppy, Blue Tongue is another problem altogether. In this instance the Government has got on and ordered the vaccine, it is affordable, and hopefully there is enough. The problem in our area will be the deer. On our farm there are more deer than cattle and as a result the Governments objective to get 80% of all susceptible animals vaccinated to establish a threshold will miss by a mile.

Organic veg have had a good couple of weeks courgette and runners looking very strong, broad beans not far away.

Lady in Black vs Lady in White