May 2009


High powered delegation over from China and we are standing in what will be a useful crop of Organic Broad Beans. Yes that is the rain gun in the background, the crop consuming a great deal of water at this stage of their life, so an inch of water going on, date 5th May and young beans about one inch long. My visitors are farmers from the area of the Gobi desert and more familiar with water melons than broad beans.


As you can see a fantastic crop of rhubarb, new crowns planted 2 years ago have given us a terrific crop, eagerly consumed by Abel and Cole and Riverford for their boxes locally pulled the last of the crop 8th May but will be back for a second pull in August.

All the maize that was planted is now up and looking very good.

The six evening tours that you will find on the tours button are all fully booked so we have laid on one more evening Wednesday 5th August.