May 2012


To continue the April storey below about milk prices, the rest of the world followed suit and have roughly cut the price of milk by about 2 pence per litre, so Dairy Crest led the way and all the others piled in. There is now talk of world prices having bottomed out, so no doubt we will see prices rise next month. In your dreams!

We are continually asked if our organic vegetable business is about to fall apart, and the answer is no. Demand for good quality, organically grown local vegetables is still strong, just proving there is more to life than a cheap cabbage, or a hard unripe strawberry that has been flown all the way from California, sorry California. But crops are going to be late causing some problems, the broad beans , right look good, but will probably be 2 weeks behind, not our fault, blame the weather, having said that the Gem lettuce have been cut and are gone.

We supply both Riverford and Able and Cole boxes.

On the cheese front we are now selling a lot more Old Winchester, now that we have it to sell, but that goes for the others as well, smoked in particular.