May 2013


Around the roundabout, and the way to ‘Every little helps’, the Avon on the left, and a valley awash with water, the levels just starting to recede. The whole valley down to Christchurch flooded for most of the winter.  The grazing lost for ages, and a twelve month period, that rained forever!

Sir Terry must be still reflecting on the business he left some months ago. Was that Sir Terry’s strap line ‘Every little helps’ ? Who knows, but since he left it has all fallen out of bed, just like the Avon Valley. Sir Terry was unstoppable, huge profits, year on year growth, and now a profits slump, horse meat in his cheap burgers, and the shambles of the US and the humiliation of withdrawal. Yet last week in the telegraph he has the gall to tell the high streets how to run themselves. I think they will manage without your advice, if that is OK, they will probably promise not to give you any advice on the US.


Up the hill, around the bypass and a store that is run by partners, hundreds of them, all doing their bit, no tacky strap lines, no horse meat, well trained, enthusiastic staff all wanting to help. The customers in for their breakfast on Saturday morning, and a store that offers social interaction, a meeting place, a comfortable, uncluttered experience. I was there for 4 hours offering our cheese, sold over 30kgs. All great fun, meeting friends and telling the story, it costs no more to shop there, provided you are careful.

Some call it a supermarket, I call it a grocer, may be a slightly old fashioned word, it is just a nice place to be, just like a Farmers Market is a nice place to be.

Sir Terry, your lot have so much to learn, and so little time.

To the right we have cows out to grass last week in April, and at long last some warmer and dryer waether to get on with some work, maize drilling in perfect conditions.