May 2020

Amid the chaos of Cronavirus, I have decided not to dwell on it so we will move straight on. We have all been involved in the ‘British Cheese Weekender’, sponsored by The Specialist Cheese Makers, Guild Of Fine Food, the Academy of Cheese  and no end of others.   This has been a major push to tell the British public just how good our artisan cheeses are, and given that a lot of the younger and blue cheeses are perishable, we all need to keep them moving until this disrupted market sorts itself out.
For us we need to keep the milk going through the cheese plant as our milk purchaser Medina, who purchase our surplus milk, has lost most of the London food service and have more milk than they know what to do with. We have been fortunate not to be pouring milk down the drain.
We have added an on line shop to this web site as Farmers Markets have been suspended, and we have lost most of our food service customer base. We are slowly clawing our market back at about 1% a week. So 10 days into May, that is where we are, down but not out, and below you will find a great little recipe form a very special kitchen and a great supporter of Artisan cheese.
Thank you.