May 2024


Lyburn Lightly Oak Smoked cheese seeing out their 3 month maturation period.

For those of you that use and sell our smoked cheese we need to convey a bit of sad news. For some considerable time we have smoked our cheese at the Dorset Smokery, near Hurn Airport, Bournemouth. Sadly, Todd the owner of the business passed away last autumn, but the family decided to continue the business . However with six months experience, the family have decided to now close the doors, and yet another small artisan business bites the dust. We are now considering our options, and it is not straightforward. Inevitably supplies are going to be short for a few months, but we will keep you posted.

Some bright spark suggested that we smoke our own, but with the amount of paperwork we are now expected to fill in and communicate, we will be lucky if we ever get the cheese made let alone smoked.  We are being audited once a month for one thing or another, and when we took on SALSA some 15 years ago we assumed, naively that this would cover most customers requirements. Not so, SALSA has got more and more difficult, and customers expect us as suppliers to repeat and answer all the questions again, plus their own interpretation, and now we are heading into the environmental and net zero interrogation. My message to the customer base is, don’t push your luck, and expect British Agriculture to carry the can for the rest of Britain. We will do our bit but we are not magicians.