November 2010


The picture to the right is of a Crown Prince pumpkin/ squash, always a debate as to what to call this one. We grow about 10 acres in total and this year despite the fact that they keep very well and will keep right round to the Spring, our crop has already been sold and gone. Emanating from New Zealand, the climate in this country, suits this squash well and only very occasionally disappoints. The market leader in the UK for squash is the Butternut, mainly because it comes in a manageable unit of a 1kg or less where as the Crown Prince will average about 3kg and can go up to 5kg. The butternut is not so easy to grow, it is fine to grow a few in the garden and then finish ripening them on the kitchen windowsill, but commercially they need more sun. So the Crown Prince is a worthy substitute, for not only flavour but colour of flesh as well. For those that want to sore them, you will need to keep the mice out, they love them!!