November 2012


……..and it is still raining out there. Having made a huge amount of cheese in the preceding months, we have been shut down for 3 weeks. The building and the fabric is now ten years old.

The floor has been showing signs of wear and tear for several years now and had got to the point where we clearly had to take some action. So we have applied a 6mm screed that is supposed to be bullet proof and also slip proof, and having worked with it now for a week, we are very pleased with it. We needed to remove the cheese vat so the job could be done properly and to do that we had to remove the wall, and once we had done that, there was the opportunity to make the building 4 feet wider, replaced the old windows that had lost their will to live, and having done that re furbished the rest. Now all back up and working, and it is still raining……………..