November 2013


Emerging gracefully from the river valley of the Test, a medieval castle , or may be a set from Harry Potter. It could be one of England’s great Cathedrals, the stone work that must have taken thousands of man hours to carve, let alone erect in days gone by, no cranes, no electricity, no hard hats in those days, just hard labour from dawn to dusk. No. This is one on the finest examples of Norman architecture in Southern England, the back drop for a huge fund raising event in aid of the Philippines, and the people that have suffered such chaos. The event put together in just two weeks by Heidi Drummond of Pear and Ginger, supported by local business, chefs from local hotels. Romsey Abbey, ‘That was spectacular’.

The World Cheese Awards have just taken place at the Good Food Show in Birmingham, a Gold for Stoneycross and Bronze for Vintage Old Winchester (24 months), Super Gold for Barkam Blue and Julie Cheney’s St Jude, Silver for Tunworth and Gold for the Isle of White Blue.