November 2016


Some good news going on here. Lyburn Smoked picks up a Silver at the World Cheese Awards in Spain. The Smoked tends to stand in the shadow of Old Winchester, that also took a Bronze, at the same event, and now Smoked is making its own waves. The World Cheese Awards is a huge event that takes cheese, from every continent, and the competition is immense.

We can’t let this month pass without comment on the liquid milk market. With the UK production down some 10%, the threat of milk shortages in months to come and not enough cream and butter to go around at Christmas. It is completely outrageous that our milk prices are stuck in the gutter, where they have been stuck for some time, and the processors flatly refusing to pay a price that gives dairy farmers break even, let alone a profit. Northern Ireland farmers are about to dump their milk in desperation. The whole market is rigged and broken. This is where we were in 1933 when the milk marketing board was introduced, all milk processors are an outrage, it is a form of legalised theft and will all end up in tears.