November 2018


Jo at Newlyns Farm Shop North Warnbrough

 Now this is good news, the arrival of this lovely new cheese shop at the Newlyns Farm Shop North Warnbrough, just to the south of junction 5 of the M3. This is actually a cheese room, a shop with in the farm shop, built and designed for the selling of cheese. The temperatures and the humidity all carefully controlled, not always the warmest place to work, but it is the cheese we need to think about. As you can see from the picture, because the temperature is kept under control they are able to leave the cheese out and let it do its thing, as you can see from the brie in the foreground. All those cheesy smells and aromas are locked in and not allowed to escape. This is not just about selling and trying cheese, it a whole new experience, you just cant walk past the door, you have to go in and have a look.

Spring Street Grocer, Melbourne.

Another great example of a similar cheese room is the Spring Street Grocer in Central Melbourne, Australia. You will need to go downstairs to find this lovely display of cheese.