September 2005


Massive crops of pumpkin this year. Planting a pumpkin seed, is more than just a job, more than just trying to earn a living, it is an act of faith. It is the belief that one day, the seed wont be eaten by slugs or even leather jackets and wire worms. The seeds wont be chewed by mice who relish the very thought of stupid farmers sowing these tasty morsels, in straight easy to find lines. The young plants wont be dug up and left to die, by Crows, that have nothing else better to do on a Sunday afternoon. We fought them all and this year we won!

As you can see this year we have the return of the celebrated Australian chef Jono Smales. Having cooked supper tonight, it was Pumpkin soup, of course, Lamb Shank on parsnip mash with green veg, and to follow, the very lightest of chocolate mousse. The cheese board, well it had to be Winchester, the magnificent Blue Barkham Chase, and Sharpham soft cheese