September 2014


Romsey has brewed beer for years, I remember the slogan , ‘Your in the Strong Country’. In 1858 a man called Strong bought the small brewery in the town, and over one hundred years they grew the business to the point where it was sold to Whitbread in 1969, with the inevitable closing of the brewery 10 years later. We now have a new brewer in town, Flack Manor. Like us at Lyburn, Nigel Welsh could see an opportunity to provide quality over quantity, and last week we had the official opening, of Flack Manor Brewery by Caroline Noakes our Romsey MP. We were there with the cheese to help the party along. Good luck to you all.


Don’t ring me, I will ring you. Having listened to the Country file report on mobile phone coverage I need to put my 5 eggs in. Sadly I am with Vodaphone, something that is going to change soon. I have a contract that gives me a certain amount of minutes each month, very few of which ever get used as the the signal is appalling in our area, coupled with the fact that when customers leave messages on the messaging service, it sometimes takes two days to arrive, although text is better. With ‘Phones 4 U’ been consigned to the bin by the big players, it seems that a phone contract is something you purchase knowing full well that it generally won’t work and you won’t be able to use it. Please don’t call me on the mobile with orders, call 01794 399982.

Great crop of maize harvested at the end of September, right, filled all the clamps.