September 2019


Nothing changes, six months ago we were all told Brexit was to be sorted, and as we watched the chaos, probably took the view that it could not get any worse. However we were wrong, it now gets worse by the day, how on earth business’s  can possibly  make plans going forward is any ones guess, I am just glad I am not trying to run a car production plant or raising 3000 sheep on the Welsh hills. We are all being urged to prepare for and plan for the big change, which could mean jumping off the face of a cliff, with a parachute packed by a five year old. This is contrary to all the principals of business management and best practice and planning. For thousands of companies, years of building a business could go out of the window at a stroke, and our political leaders of every colour just thrash around with one objective, just retaining power, and veiled threats from the Brexitiers that if they don’t get their way, there could be civil disobedience. What ever happens in the next four weeks, half of the nation will be disaffected and alienated. There is nothing we can do to prepare our business other than make sure we have enough cheese ingredients on hand which is what we did last March. That was a waste of time and where do we find the chief architect of this shambles, getting as much air time as possible for his Micky Mouse memoirs, I would be too embarrassed to even raise my head above the parapet, but I suppose that is what makes you a politician.

Above, a group of London Veterinary students visiting us as part of their course.

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