April 2023


Cows out to spring grass.

Cows out to grass mid April, we are very late, due to the wet weather, and completely out of winter feed. As a result, we have had to go out to the market and buy some big bale silage, all due to the dry weather last summer, there was no second cut silage and reduced maize silage yield.

Last week the Environment agency took a farmer to court, he pleaded guilty and was subsequently sent to jail. The Environment Agency are probably feeling pretty pleased with themselves, for this fairly minor win. Can we now see the EA taking the water authorities to court for the horrendous damage they are doing to this countries waterways. They have also pleaded guilty, and accept that they do it on a regular basis, and do damage a thousand times worse than this poor old farmer.Can we all assume that the Managing Directors of these water companies will be prosecuted and sent to jail for 50 years or even more.NO we can’t assume this, as the EA only take on the little guys, to take on the water authorities would mean they have to earn their keep. EA will satisfy themselves with picking on the small guys and the rest of the population will have to put up with filthy rivers and waterways. There would appear to be two sets of rules here, one rule for the little guys and another rule for the big guys,