As you all probably know we do spend a lot of time at Farmers Markets at the weekend and during the course of this time we probably speak with anything from 200 to 500 customers. There are inevitably, the regular questions that we get asked, are the cows organic, is the cheese suitable for vegetarians, do we make stilton! etc .etc. The other question is, are our cows happy cows. So I thought we ought to consider this question in more detail.


Our cows have free access to food 24 hours a day, the ration is carefully put together so that they never get too fat and never go without. Obesity is never a problem for them, they have a kind of 5-star meals on wheels. No hacking their way to the supermarket to buy a cabbage that has seen better days or mange tout that have been flown half way round the world. In the summer just fresh grass that was still growing until the minute it was eaten off, you don’t get fresher than that.


During the summer, there is no need for housing, the cows just take to the field and lie where they will. In the winter, they live indoors, much too wet and miserable to live out and produce milk. So they come inside, they have their own individual bed, made up with straw and sawdust, spread on a comfy rubber mattress to insulate them from the concrete floor.


No making appointments and having to trip along to the local surgery, for our cows. If we have a sick cow she will be attended that day, and more than likely that morning. If she needs an operation, does she have to join a 6-week waiting list,no, the job usually gets done that day, although hip replacements are not available!!


So what about the stresses and strains, of doing a days work. No catching a busy commuter train and having to stand all the way to London. No hacking your way around the M25 or M27 in the hope of arriving.

In summer just a leisurely walk to the field and stacks of grass, and in winter, moo ching around the yard.

Happy cows.

Well they were until they heard what the supermarkets paid, and sold their milk for, less than they pay for water.