Lightly Oak Smoked

This cheese is based on the Lyburn Gold, still a washed curd cheese but the eyes are not so prominent and is smoother, to give a light and delicate flavour. For those that enjoy a heavily smoked cheese, this may not suit. During the maturation process the rind goes a glorious caramel colour and can’t be mistaken for any other. We attend a lot of Hampshire Farmers Markets each week and customers come to buy our smoked cheese, as they love it, it costs twice as much as re-processed flavoured cheese, but the young cheese is taken to a local smoker, half a ton at a time, left there for a couple of days and then we have to return to collect it. It all costs money. So my message to customers is half the quantity, double the quality, and it then costs the same.

2021, Bronze at the International Cheese Awards
2022, Bronze at the British Cheese Awards
2022 Gold at the International Cheese Award
2024 Bronze at the British Cheese Awards








2012, 2015



Bronze 2015
Silver 2016
Silver 2018
Bronze 2019