August 2008


Milk wars have just broken out with Tesco announcing that they are to sell 2 litres of milk for £1.06 or approximately 25 pence per pint and they are going to run it for a year, we can only assume they are to run this promotion from their own pocket and not ours, the consumer needs to realise that there is not a cats chance in hell of the dairy industry being able to sustain this sort of lunacy. If there is the slightest hint, of the farming community picking up the bill there is trouble ahead. The losers will be the corner shops who dont have a £3 billion war chest to fall back on. Is this the begging of the end for manydairy farms?


Plenty of good news for Old Winchester. We had entered an Old Winchester into the Nantwich Show in the novice class under Anna’s name as at the time of making this entry she had only been making cheese 6 months and the result was a Silver, this has now been followed up by a Gold 3 star award at the Great Taste Awards.

Broad Beans all finished, courgette settled into daily cutting after a very difficult start to the season and lots of good quality runner beans, pumpkins still well behind.

Big relief that the weather had improved for the New Forest Show after last years disasters. The local food area well supported and looked a treat.