August 2012


Plenty of medals all around, 3 Star Gold for Stoney Cross and 1 Star Gold for Old Winchester, and also Silver for Stoney Cross, and Bronze for Old Winchester at the Nantwich International Cheese Show. Needless to say we had to share the show with team GB, and what a show that was.

The whole thing really was the most magnificent spectacle. No doubt we all had our favourite moments, there were highs and lows. After the huge build up and the sheer blind arrogance of the sponsors, I was worried we were going to be overrun with logos and and fizzy drinks , but not a sign of it. The medal winners, be they Gold, Silver or Bronze, were all winners Mo was great, Usane was fantastic, but the star of the show has to be Jessica Ennis, to master all those disciplines is amazing, to win most of them was something else. It seemed as if during this period, there was no other news, and the absence of the newsmongers with all their doom and gloom, and the spectacle of the Olympics clearly lifted the nation.