August 2013


The Hampshire life Awards, and Lyburn Cheese finds themselves up against
Goodalls Strawberries, Lymington and
Hatchett Herd of Pedigree Dexters, Beaulieu . Goodalls have grown Starawberries since the year dot, and Pete Niccolls grazes his Dexters on the Forest. The choice was cheese, strawberries and cherries, or Dexter beef. What a great combination, ironically all out of the New Forest.

We are now in the season of cheese competitions, and Old Winchester takes a Silver at Nantwich, and then the great Tate Awards brings a Two Star Gold for Old Winchester, One Star for Stoney Cross and Two Star Gold for Francis. We have had good strong sales in July, New Forest Show a great success for all. Probably going top be a bit quieter this August due to the holidays, then back into action with the Arlesford and Romsey Shows.

And so to TB, we are now on annual testing for TB, and sadly despite being a closed herd, we continually throw up 2 to 3 inconclusives. We don’t move our cattle around , we don’t buy in, we have no neighbours with cattle so there has to be just a very low level of TB in the wild life, passing it back to the cows. We are shut down, cant sell calves, unless to slaughter. The TB chaos in the UK continues.