August 2023

Stoney Cross


Stoney Cross has come up trumps at the Great Taste Awards last week with a 3 Star Gold. This follows a 2 Star Gold in 2022, Super Gold at the World Cheese Awards and a Gold at the Artisan Cheese Awards at Melton. This lovely little cheese so creamy, buttery, earthy and smooth, continues to grow in popularity. Customers at Farmers Market just love it, it is just so moreishhhhh. Old Winchester was also in the frame with a One Star Gold as was our Smoked cheese.Something that is NOT so moreish is the Bank of England, represented by a group of people who don’t have mortgages, don’t have to worry about the gas bill, and child care.Their view is there is only one way to quell inflation, and that is to put up interest rates so high that it smashes the UK economy to pieces, but they are correct in assuming inflation will drop, but we will also have no economy, very clever. Especially when you consider they created the problem in the first place by reducing interest rates to virtually nothing during covid 3 years ago. All this did was create absurdly cheap mortgages, drove up house prices, that made the mortgages even bigger, and those younger members of our community now find themselves caught in the cross fire, created by a bunch of BANKERS.Much of the food inflation we have, is nothing to do with excessive demand. It largely revolves around the war in the Ukraine, let’s just hope the bankers don’t try and resolve this issue.The rain in July has made everything grow, cows are back at grass, the maize looks great, and the runner beans just love this warm, damp weather.